Phoebe Pearl Erotica

First, I want to thank all my wonderful readers for supporting me and reading my books; it means the world to me! I mean that sincerely. Thank you so much! I hope you had as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

Why do I write erotica?

It’s simple: I love writing, and there’s only one thing that would be more fun than writing about crossdressers, sissies, cuckolds, and boys getting feminized.

Can you guess what that is? It’s a three-letter word that begins with an ‘S’ and ends with an ‘X.’

Back to erotica.

Up till a year ago, I wrote erotica for fun. For me. Being submissive, with naughty thoughts, and having to navigate through the world of fakes, flakes, untrustworthy, cruel, and unconfident dommes, and doms are frustrating… I adore the controlling, authoritative, and obedient demands of being submissive….

Yeah but…. Finding a real one is hard work. I’ve been lucky. But it took lots of work. Writing erotica was a way for me to skip the hard work. The search. The work that needs to be done to find a partner.

So, I made up wild, kinky adventures. Not for anyone but me. My crossdressers, sissies, and dominatrixes helped me to explore my sensuality, my identity, and my desires and satisfy my wild fantasies. In writing stories, I hoped someday would be fulfilled without the struggle. So, I wrote, removing the long, drawn out, sometimes frustrating give and take of finding someone to share the dom/sub lifestyle.

It’s necessary, but…. Hey, the juicy parts are the most fun. So, in my stories, I assume everyone knows how to spank—it’s no fun getting spanked by someone standing behind you saying…. ”I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Or…. Having someone tying you up you can’t trust. Not a good idea.

So, I create worlds where everyone knows what they’re doing and can be trusted. There’s no worry about diseases. No scheduling issues for the group scene (It doesn’t happen like a porn movie.) Everyone appears. Poof. No need to work around kids, work, family, and all that crap we get tied up in.

How wonderful!

Then I spice it up further, adding even more zing. Some stories I write, I only wished for. Who wouldn’t want to get all dolled up in a tight pair of yoga pants after spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours of exercise toning, buying every kind of lotion, cream, and paste off the shelves to get smooth legs and a nice firm ass and going for a run or hike?

I do. I have.

What a thrill to be hiking in the woods, passing muscular guys in shirts, checking out my ass, hoping and praying that one of them hits on me. We drift off into the woods and… well, you know. In the real world, there’s lots to worry about. In my story world, the crossdresser, sissy, gets what she wants. No cops. No crooks. There are no issues other than what position to get into.

There’s not the endless hey’s, what’s up, what are you into, and the guys aren’t married. They all have enormous tools, and there are no…. erection issues, no scheduling issues, or getting ghosted.

Yes, writing erotica is fun!

For many years, I never even considered publishing my stories. Then, one day, I took the plunge. It took a while, but I couldn’t believe that there were people who enjoyed reading my transgender, femdom and BDSM erotica. Some don’t, that’s okay.

Again, thank you for reading! I love hearing from my readers and welcome thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions.