My Sissy Cuckold Husband – Book Two

Book Two in the popular series My Sissy Cuckold Husband by Phoebe Pearl.  This book includes Femdom Feminization, Feminized Men, and Sissy Cuckold Husband.

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Brook and Josie’s marriage is stable, but their sex life has been reduced to a monotonous routine. One day, while rummaging through Brook’s belongings, Josie stumbles upon a secret that ignites a fire within her – he desires to be cuckolded. At first, Brook is hesitant and resistant to the idea, but with relentless persuasion and intense training from Josie, he slowly transforms into her devoted sissy cuckold. He serves her every whim domestically and sexually, submitting entirely to her every command. Finally, after much searching, Josie finds the perfect Bull to fulfill her deepest desires. She experiences the most exhilarating sexual encounter of her life with him as Brook watches in awe and arousal as a mere spectator in his marriage.


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