Sissy Crossdresser Lost In The Hood

A Femdom Forced Feminization Erotica short story by Phoebe Pearl. This title includes Caught Crossdressing, Forced Feminization, and Public Sex.

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Jordan Jones is a software developer with a secret. He likes to crossdress and fantasizes about wild kinky sex – public sex, humiliation, and being treated like a whore.  For the most part, he can control his wild, kinky sexual urges. But, dressing as Jennifer, his cross-dressing persona, he’s been unable to control. He’s getting married next week to a wealthy woman he loves and adores, who is his best friend. So, this is his last weekend as a bachelor, and he plans to dress as Jennifer. This is the last time he vows.
His crossdresser friends, whom he plans on meeting later Friday night – doubt it.  That is, as soon as he finishes the project he’s working on. He transforms into Jennifer in the company gym, which he thinks is safe to dress in due to his software skills. He controls entry. Or so he thinks.
Jada, an ex-con, hacker, and private investigator hired by his wife to check up on Jordan, overrides Jordan’s hack and catches him cross-dressing. Jada blackmails him into being one of her prostitutes, or she’ll not send a good report to his future wife.
Jennifer finds herself lost in the hood, fulfilling her wild, kinky fantasies.


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