My Sissy Cuckold Husband

A Femdom Feminization short story by Phoebe Pearl. The story includes Femdom Feminization, Chastity, Sissy Cuckold’s Husband, and more… Hot Steamy Sex.

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Taylor’s delicate features and soft mannerisms make him stand out among the crowd, but his wife, Harper, relishes his femininity. She discovers Taylor’s hidden desire for cross-dressing and sees it as an opportunity to spice up their monotonous sex life. With a cruel glint in her eye, Harper demands that Taylor become her sissy, dressing him in frilly lingerie and locking his manhood away in a cock cage. As she delves into the world of Femdom, Harper plans an exotic vacation where she can fully explore her newfound power over Taylor. Despite his reservations, Taylor allows himself to be dressed in women’s clothing and taken out for a night on the town by Harper. Their encounters with three strangers lead to a wild, debaucherous night filled with kinky exploits that transform their once dull relationship into something fit for an X-rated film.


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