Sissy Violation

This is another great Phoebe Pearl Erotica short story. Featuring forced feminization, reluctant feminization, and lots of hot, steamy sex!

Driven by his insatiable craving to crossdress, Jaden resorts to theft, stealing delicate lingerie from a store. But his actions land him on probation under the watchful eye of Mr. Ventura, a man harboring his own deep-seated desire to be with a sissy crossdresser. Jaden’s best friend, Penny, concocts a plan to get him off probation – feminize him completely. While initially hesitant, Jaden reluctantly agrees to undergo the transformation. And in a twist of fate, Mr. Ventura and Jaden ultimately fulfill their deepest desires as Jaden emerges as a submissive sissy crossdresser.


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