Alpha Male To Sissy

A Femdom Erotica short story by Phoebe Pearl. The transgender erotica story includes feminization, feminization by wife, and humiliation.


Robert Johnson is an alpha male. He is a hard-working, successful business and corporate attorney whose client list comprises some of the world’s wealthiest and most famous business clients. He works hard and plays hard, especially with women. His wife knows full well that he cheats on her. So do most of his clients; as far as they are concerned, it’s okay. It’s part of being an alpha male.
His clients ignore his infidelities because he saves them millions. Betty ignores them because she was raised to believe that man is the final word in the house and that divorce is a sin.

Robert has a secret that would change the minds of his conservative clients and his religious-minded wife. When you peel away the exterior alpha male persona Robert plays, deep down, Robert is a sissy. He loves being used, dressed as a girl, and dominated. Robert can no longer control his urges and fantasies, turning to high-priced dominatrixes.
Betty finds a pair of frilly pink panties in the glove compartment of Robert’s Mercedes and confronts him about it. Robert doesn’t deny the panties were there but blames Betty for the infidelity. She’s not good enough in bed. Betty is hurt. But what Robert didn’t tell her was that the panties were his. They were part of what he wore with Mistress Audrey when they played.
Betty is angered and hurt. So Robert plans a family getaway at the beach. However, when the sitter Betty hires is a transgender woman, Robert gets the surprise of his life. Betty turns the tables on him, turning him into her sissy.


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