A Cuckold’s Delight

Another Femdom erotica short story by Phoebe Pearl. The title includes cuckolding, Femdom Feminization, Chastity, and a Sissy Cuckold Husband.

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The once passionate and fulfilling sex life of husband Sterling and wife Harley has spiraled into a dull, lifeless routine. But one night, after an exhausting day at work, Sterling shocks his wife by revealing his desire to become her sissy cuckold. Though hesitant at first, Harley’s inner perfectionist takes over, and she eagerly sets out to feminize her husband and mold him into the ultimate sissy crossdresser.

With each passing day, Harley becomes more ruthless in her forced feminization tactics as she trains, humiliates, and disciplines her new sissy cuckold husband. And just when Sterling thought things couldn’t get any more intense, Harley introduces a twisted game into their dynamic – A Cuckold Delight.

Harley demands that Sterling arrange a humiliating gangbang for her pleasure, or else he will remain locked in a chastity cage indefinitely. With his manhood on the line, Sterling is pushed to his limits as he struggles to fulfill all of his wife’s twisted desires.


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