Sissy Slave Training – Book 2

Sissy Slave Training is a Femdom Erotica story by Phoebe Pearl. It Includes: Forced Feminization, Feminized Men, and Sissy Crossdresser.

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Mistress Joyce begins her sissy slave training with Asher, sexually servicing Tiffany, a well-endowed transgender woman that once worked as a stripper at The Dirty Secret – the club Mistress Joyce manages.

While accepting his role as a sissy and enjoying his new persona as Ashley. Asher must keep it a secret from his nosey father or risk losing his fortune. He’s managed to convince his father to write him into the will. But he must complete one more task: buy The Dirty Secret.

After breaking Asher in with Tiffany, Mistress Joyce transforms Asher into Ashley, her sissy slave, with a night of serving drinks at The Dirty Secret, followed by a wild sexual encounter.


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