Cuckold Husband’s First Week In Chastity

A Femdom Erotica short story by Pheobe Pearl. It includes chastity, Femdom humiliation, Feminization, and lots of steamy BDSM.

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Eve’s world shatters as she discovers her husband’s secret affair with their Domme neighbor. The betrayal burns like hot coals in her chest as she confronts the woman, only to find out that her husband wants to become a sissy cuckold at her command. With a mix of anger and curiosity, she demands he commit to a week of chastity – a test of his loyalty and submission. But as the days pass by, she can’t help but wonder if this is just the beginning of her husband’s complete transformation into her sissy cuckold for life. Will she embrace this new role and make him fully submit to her every desire? Only time will tell.


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